GAC Album Review: Jake Owen’s Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Though Jake Owen found success with his previous blend of country/rock stomp on hits like “Eight Second Ride” and “Tell Me” off of 2009’s Easy Does It, he was left seeking a more personal sound when working on his new project, Barefoot Blue Jean Night. Teaming up with Producers Tony Brown (George Strait, Reba McEntire), Joey Moi (Nickelback) and Rodney Clawson (writer of such hits as Big & Rich’s “Lost In This Moment”), Barefoot Blue Jean Night takes a more reflective approach than its two predecessors, offering a more intimate look at the singer.

Crisply produced, Barefoot Blue Jean Night is tied together with radio-ready choruses, hook-laden electric guitar melodies and songs about women, life’s lessons and a few good times. On the lead single and pop-leaning title track, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” the Florida native’s slight southern drawl sounds at home on the summer beach song amidst acoustic guitars, subtle drum programming and a couple well-placed Whoa-oh-ohs in the chorus. We were shining like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show, Jake sings with attention-grabbing imagery and a touch of nostalgia. The laid-back, standout song “Heaven” opens with sentimental piano as his smooth delivery intertwines thoughtfully with the notes. Well, there’s a place that they call heaven/ Just south of town way up on a hill, he sings with easygoing measure on the sexy love song. This same seasoned experience also extends to other songs like the traditional-based, “The Journey Of Your Life,” where Jake recalls his Grandfather’s words, singing possibly the album’s best line, On the straight and narrow path you need to learn to bend.


Lady Antebellum, ‘We Owned the Night’ – Lyrics Uncovered

The lyrics of Lady Antebellum‘s latest single, ‘We Owned the Night,’ were penned by Lady A’s Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, as well as Peach Picker and hit songwriter Dallas Davidson. The song has been the inspiration for the trio’s forthcoming third studio album and the name of their fall tour, and it’s their latest hit to climb up the country singles chart.

“I had gone out on the road with the band, and we were on the bus,” Davidson tells Taste of Country of the spark that ignited the song’s lyrics. “The night before we wrote the song, I had watched their show from the crowd rather than from backstage. They played this song on their first or second record, and it had this mandolin thing on there. It made me feel good. I got back on the bus, and the next day I was telling Charles and Dave about it. I said, ‘Let’s write something kind of fun like that song. Dave grabbed his mandolin and started playing that opening lick on there. Charles dove all over it and came up with ‘We Owned the Night.’”

Tell me have you ever wanted / For someone so much it hurts / Your lips keep trying to speak / But you just can’t find the words / But I had this dream once / I held you in my hands / She was the purest beauty / But not the common kind / She had a way about her / That bid you through the night / And for a moment / You made the world stand still / Yeah we own the night,” the wrote in the opening lyrics of the song.


Lady Antebellum Cover Billboard, Reveal Plans With Spotify and Pandora

Lady Antebellum continue to be country music innovators, but their reach isn’t purely musical. In an interview with Billboard, the band reveals that they’ll begin working with two growing digital music distributors, Spotify and Pandora.

To prepare for and promote the upcoming ‘Own the Night’ album, Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood are setting up an account and creating a playlist to share with their fans on Spotify. The subscription based service is relatively new in the United States, but is booming in Europe. For $5 a month, users get unlimited access to 15 millions songs.

Next Monday’s issue of Billboard also reports that Lady Antebellum have recorded a series of interviews for the online radio site Pandora. Those will begin airing on September 9, just four days before ‘Own the Night’ is available to fans. The trio has been a leader in country music in terms of making use of digital media; their ‘Webisode Wednesday’ feature is wildly popular. Few acts in country music carry a dedicated videographer on the road with them as Lady A do.

The band also shares a few new details about the music on the new album. Despite success on pop-radio, the new songs will stay true to the expectations of their country fans. Nashville songwriters Dallas Davidson, Hillary Lindsey and Rivers Rutherford are just a few of the people who helped the band write the 12 songs. Charles Kelley says there’s plenty of inspiration from their personal lives.


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